• Like I said…don’t get scared

    This is an exciting month for a lot of reasons. First, as you can tell by being on this website, I’m launching a podcast I’ve had worming around in my brain for over a year now. The idea of writing stories and directly publishing them as a podcast is thrilling and I can’t wait to get some of these monsters that have been keeping me up at night out of my head and into your ears. I love middle-grade books and can’t wait to be a part of an amazing legacy of authors and publishers in my own small way. Thank you for joining me in this adventure and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I do writing.

    The second reason I love this month is even more obvious: Halloween. What kind of spooky author would I be if I didn’t giddy in October? I’ve already been diving into all of my favorite scary movies and TV shows (shout out to ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ by Mike Flanagan) and I’m right in the middle of an addicting horror-detective book (‘Mr. Mercedes’ by the legend Stephen King).

    My hope is that this podcast plays alongside your other favorite creepy listens, watches, and reads this month. If you enjoy the first episode, please leave a review on whatever podcast player you prefer, or share the episode with a friend. If you’d like even more updates about the podcast follow us on Facebook or me directly on Threads (@colemanmcclung).

    Listen if you dare, you’re in for a…

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